TRUMPET SOLO - A Play by Dean Poynor



A man is given a vision of Heaven, and comes back to tell us about it.



"I saw a vision of Heaven. No, I saw Heaven. And it has changed the way I see everything else."

Alan was just like us. A lawyer, living his life the best he knew how. Until he was given a vision of Heaven, unlike anything he expected or dreamed. Now he has come back, to tell us about it, and to make sure it was real. His story uncovers our deepest longings about what lies beyond, and changes the way we see what's around us.

He is the trumpet, sounding a piercing, sorrowful note of warning, exhilaration, and release.

This compelling one-act monologue explores the hidden desire in all of us to feel like there is something more. As we witness Alan's struggle to put the ineffable into words, we are brought face to face with out own inability to imagine, and the refreshing hope of communication.

Cast: 1 (1m)
Running Time: Approx. 50 min (One-act / no intermission)



TRUMPET SOLO was written for my friend, actor Chris White. It received its initial workshop reading, with Chris playing the role of Alan, at Trustus Theatre, Columbia, SC. It also has a workshop scheduled with Warehouse Theatre, Greenville, SC.


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