Dean Poynor © Photo by Jeff Amberg

Full Length Plays


THE MORE BEYOND - A Play by Dean Poynor

(Full Length, 13m, 4f, plus chorus and a guitarist)

The parallel stories of a Spanish treasure galleon that wrecks off the coast of Florida in 1622, and the search by a modern-day treasure hunter to find the fortune in ancient silver and recover his lost glory.

  Playwrights' Center Core Member Apprentice Workshop

  Developed at The Puzzle Festival, NYC

  Semi-Finalist for the Princess Grace Award

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PARADISE KEY - A Play by Dean Poynor

(Full Length, 2m)

In 1951, a US Army Counterintelligence agent had the chance to interrogate a German medical doctor for one night, to find a vaccine that would stop an American disaster. This play examines the human need to condemn that is in us all, and traces the disease as it is passed from father to son.

  Winner of the Trustus Theatre Playwrights Festival.

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COMPANY TIME - A Play by Dean Poynor

(Full Length, 1m, 1f)

An office affair, from start to disastrous finish. We can't help being human - sharing a laugh, falling in love - even in a sterile corporate world.

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LOSING SLEEP - A Play by Dean Poynor

(Full Length, 3m, 3f)

John works in a sleep lab. Over the course of a few nights, he must face his past and reconcile with his future, or he may never fall asleep again.

  Winner of the 2008 Helford Prize.

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Homo apocalyptus - A Play by Dean Poynor

(Full Length, 1m, 2f)

A futuristic campfire tale about Zombies, survival, and the meaning of family.

  Developed at The Studios of Key West.

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Bellhammer - A Play by Dean Poynor

(Full Length, 3m, 1f)

The secrets of the universe revealed in the wrestling ring.

  Developed at Carnegie Mellon University.

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One Act Plays


TRUMPET SOLO - A Play by Dean Poynor

(One Act, 1m)

A man is struck by a vision of Heaven and comes back to tell us about it. His monologue uncovers our deepest longings about what lies beyond, and changes the way we see what's around us.

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Short Plays



(10-Minute, 2m)

Bret and Tom have been best friends since college. But the pressures of growing up - jobs, rent, girlfriends - may be getting to them. What's more, Ninja Palace 3 just came out today, and that gives Bret has an idea...

  Development workshop at Carnegie Mellon University

  Official Selection at the 2009 Emerging Voices Playwriting
        Competition at the historic Lincoln Theatre.



(10-Minute, 1m, 2f)

Joy is at the end of her rope until she meets the model from her 1967 copy of Joy of Cooking. Can she learn to cook in one night, or will her life not turn out like the recipe?

  Selected for reading at the 2009 "Best of the Rest" Fest
        at the Actors Theatre of Santa Cruz.



(10-Minute, 1m, 1f)

Everyone in the diner gets the same friendly service, but today there's one man that seems to need it a little more than the rest. As the story unfolds, we experience his despair and redemption, all for a little cup of coffee.

  Official Selection at the 2007 St. Genesius Play Festival.