Homo apocalyptus - A Play by Dean Poynor


A futuristic campfire tale about Zombies, survival, and the meaning of family.



More than one hundred years in the future, life on Earth has changed. The devastating Zombie Apocalypse saw a rare and incurable disease ravage humanity, destroying the population and turning those who survived into a roving horde of flesh-eating killers. When three human refugees find themselves thrown together in an abandoned bar on the island of Key West, they must learn how to endure each other, and ultimately how to make a new life. Will they come together, create a family, and repopulate the human race, or will this be the final hour of our species?

Homo apocalyptus is a riveting psychological thriller that examines the costs of survival in this modern world. What do we give up, and what do we keep, when we are faced with life and death choices? Based on the many hypothetical accounts from pop culture mythology, this play brings the meta-cultural Zombie genre to the stage in a fresh way. It explores the irresistible attraction we feel toward these self-designed monsters, and it seeks to raise questions of the roles of faith, desire, and community in a post-modern world. Ultimately, survival carries with it an element of sacrifice, and choosing to be part of the family will redefine what it means for each of us to be human.

Cast: 3 (2f; 1m)
Unit Set
Running Time: Approx. 110 min (one intermission)


Development History

Homo apocalyptus was born as part of a collaboration with some of my favorite theatre artists. I had been interested in exploring the Zombie genre on the stage, and the opportunity for an intense development residency in Key West seemed like the perfect setting. Over the course of a year, thanks to readings with Trustus Theatre in Columbia, SC, the play took shape, and culminated in a mulit-week workshop, on location, with generous support provided by The Studios of Key West.

The play received its initial public reading at The Studios of Key West, August 6, 2009.

The play received a reading at The Garage Theatre in San Francisco, April 1, 2010.

Actor Katie Wieland in rehearsals for Homo apocalyptus. Click here for more photos.The play received a workshop production as part of The Cairns Festival, Queensland, Australia, Eric Holowacz, Festival Director. It was presented at The Attic, opening August 31, 2010 with the following cast:

  JED - Paul Jacques Kaufmann
  LENORA-FONTAINE - Monica Wyche
  KIRA - Katie Wieland

The production included Choreographer Velvet Eldred, and Director Sarah Krohn.





More Information

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