COMPANY TIME  A Play by Dean Poynor


Can you love your job too much? What if your wife finds out?



COMPANY TIME takes a realistic look at office romance in a contemporary corporate environment. We can't help being human - seeking connections, sharing a laugh, falling in love - even in a sterile, corporate world.

Having held day jobs just like this for years while pursuing my theatrical goals, I think this theme speaks to a very broad audience, and strikes a nerve with most young professionals. You don't have to have had an office affair to know the powerful, forbidden attraction of a co-worker or a boss. And you also know deep down that it's probably not going to work out. COMPANY TIME uses humor and sympathy to explore these tensions by presenting real characters struggling with tangible problems.



Doug and Jenny work together in a New York City high rise. They share an office, and as a result, they are intimately familiar with every detail of each other's personal lives.

One night, Doug is kicked out of his apartment and he decides to take a chance with Jenny. Their rendezvous changes everything, throwing off the balance of the working relationship, and forcing each of them to examine their own ideas of work and love.

Doug must choose between the safety and security of his current wife, and the lure of a new life with Jenny. While Jenny is working on closing the biggest sale of the year, we see Doug fumble with his feelings as he tries to make sense of his new situation. His search for meaning and connection leads him to the conclusion that this modern world can't support that type of love. Or maybe it's just too much work.

Cast: 2 (1f; 1m)
Running Time: Approx. 100 min (one intermission)



COMPANY TIME was developed under luxurious circumstances, thanks to readings with Trustus Theatre in Columbia, South Carolina, and scene rehearsal and workshops at the Players Theatre in New York City.


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